Estimating aboveground biomass in native forest using remote sensing data combined with spectral radiometry

Silvina M. Manrique, Virgilio Núñez, Judith Franco


The management of forests as carbon (C) reservoirs could be a valid strategy for mitigating
global climate change. In Salta, Argentina, there is an urgent need for updated information on
biomass stocks in order to assess the C sequestering and release made by native forests. We studied
three ecosystems (Chaco, Yungas and shrubland) by combining different data: a) field-estimated
above-ground biomass (AGB); b) field-spectral data, and c) spectral data from remote sensing.
AGB was estimated through allometric equations. Radiometric measurements were synthesized into
a set of spectral vegetation indices (VI). The satellite data was calibrated with those obtained
through field radiometry, allowing us to find a predictive AGB model which indicates an AGB
average of 85 ± 250 t.ha-1
for the center of the province of Salta. The model which was finally
selected increases the level of estimate detail made at the national level and will allow the
monitoring of such data

Palabras clave

above-ground biomass; carbon stock; field radiometry; forest management; GIS; remote sensing.

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